West Wing Weekend(?): Five Votes Down

I want to start by apologizing that it’s not Wednesday! A variety of crap (internet outage, pink eye, travelling, who cares!) are responsible for delaying this post and I’m sorry! Won’t happen again guys!

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Five Votes Down

-The episode begins with Leo telling Josh that they “lost five votes”. We don’t know what they’re five votes down on, or why, but we’re thrown into the story without explanation. This keeps things exciting, which is great, because let’s face it, this is a show about administrative white house crap and talking fast in hallways.
-The President has just finished his rable-rousing speech, and Toby is complaining about how proud of his own writing he is, and how the Prez messed it up by improving. This is because Toby is THE WORST and the world’s biggest downer. Seriously, there’s no way cool people like CJ and Josh would actually be friends with this cold fish.
-The group walks out to the car and a couple of college aged girls yell “we love you Josh!” which makes sense because he is standing next to Sam, played by Rob Lowe, so obviously girls would look @ frizzy blonde JOSH as the sex symbol.
-Leo gets home late and his wife gives him an engraved watch that was an anniversary present, Leo forgot the date entirely. I don’t have anything snarky to say about this scene, it is just really sad and hard to watch.
-The next day Toby is being a downer as usual, but this time his sulking is kind of warranted. He’s under scrutiny because he “unknowingly” pulled some strings to make a stock he had $5,000 invested in much more valuable. Toby insists he’s an idiot and doesn’t know how to manipulate stocks and I kind of agree with him about the first part.
-There’s some charming Josh/Donna banter, seriously how cute are they. Every scene between them seems straight out of Ally McBeal and that is IN NO WAY a bad thing.
-Leo is trying to make things up to his wife and orders champange and dinner, but opts not to have a violinist because “after the initial thing wears off, there’s just a guy with a violin in my house.” That’s why Leo is awesome.
-Sam tells Toby off because he’s committed a felony and no one likes him because he looks like Sam the Eagle , but unfortunately, assures him that he will not be fired or imprisoned.
-There’s a lot of stuff about convincing a couple representatives to change their votes in this episode. Josh meets with Katzenmoyer who says that he can’t change his vote because of his relationship with the NRA, he meets with Wick who’s willing to trade his vote for a photo op w. the Prez and with Richardson, who refuses to vote on the bill on principle, because it’s been watered down. Sad thing is, the conversation with Richardson is the only one that didn’t ring true.
-OK, this scene is just heartbreaking. Leo’s wife Jenny packs her backs and tells Leo she can’t take anymore. Leo asks her to stick by him, and tells her this job is the most important thing he’ll ever do. Jenny says that it’s not more important than his marriage, but Leo insists that, for these four years, it is. I can’t believe how much I sympathize with both sides, neither party is cast as the villain, nor the victim it’s just a tragic parting of ways. Leo asks Jenny to call him before he goes to sleep and I may or may not tear up.
-Leo meets with VP Hoynes and even though Hoynes is a soulless jerk, he can tell something’s wrong with Leo. Leo opens up about Jenny and Hoynes invites Leo to a super secret federal employee AA meeting.
-The Prez comes up with a brilliant plan to save Toby from disgrace and people thinking he’s a money grubber. He will voluntarily accept a salary of $1 for the year! Toby is so mad! He says “I just got screwed with my pants on” and I could not love it more. Screw you Toby–with or without pants!
-VP Hoynes meets with Tillinghouse to try to lock down another vote, but in the course of the meeting reveals that he has presidential aspirations. I love the VP plot line! Are there people like this in real life, all the scheming and secrecy! Juicy stuff!
-The bill passes and Hoynes congratulates Josh, then exits cryptically saying “Welcome to the NFL”. Huh? I honestly have no idea what this means. Oh well! Decent episode you guys can’t wait for next week–which will be on time!


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