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30 Rock

30 Rock

Wow, you guys. 30 Rock was SO GOOD last night, seriously. I thought I was having a fever dream, but it turns out that a sitcom aired on network TV that featured the actual Condoleezza Rice and Margaret Cho playing the best version of Kim Jong-Il I’ve ever seen (I’m lookin at you Trey Parker and Matt Stone).

Speaking of Condi Rice, she is THE WORST actress, and that makes her appearance THE BEST! Not that you should need any convincing to watch this episode but I actually spit at Rice’s delivery of “Follow this, you turkey” to Alec Baldwin.

Not that the plot matters, but the Jack storyline in this episode revolves around his wife Avery Jessup (played by the delightful Elizabeth Banks) being held hostage by North Korea and used to produce propaganda films. This causes Jack to call his ex-girlfriend (Condoleezza Rice playing herself) to help get Avery back. And it is awesome. This portion of the episode had all the best elements of Saturday Night Live (daring political humor, great celebrity guest appearances) without any of the wading through 15 shitty sketches to get there. Win all around!

I haven’t even mentioned Liz Lemon’s storyline yet, and it is GREAT! Liz is redecorating her apartment to take control of her life and make it perfect, but a plastic bag stuck in the tree outside her window stands between her and her new perfect life. Naturally, she goes nuts trying to get the bag out of the tree, and hilarity ensues. The bit culminates in Liz sawing the bag out of the tree and yelling “I’M GONNA HANG YOU IN MY KITCHEN AND FILL YOU WITH OTHER BAGS! YOU WILL EAT YOUR FAMILY”. And it is great.

Also this episode features Elizabeth Banks in a Reagen mask eating jellybeans as a form of foreplay.



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Tina Fey–I Love You!

I just finished Tina Fey’s hour long interview with Google’s CEO about her FANTASTIC book ‘Bossypants’. Fey’s Google session is about 20x more insightful and articulate than Gaga’s from a couple weeks back.

I’ve been charged up with Fey’s unique brand of feminism since reading her memoir earlier this month. If you haven’t read Bossypants yet, we don’t know each other personally, because I’ve been nagging the pants off every woman I know since the book’s release. I am annoying, but it’s with good reason, Bossypants is a tough sell, the cover features Fey in a bowler hat (?) cradling her face with hairy man hands (???), and the title is awful; Bossypants. However, Fey’s explanation of the title almost makes up for the travesty in branding. As executive producer of 30 Rock, Fey is often asked “is it hard being the big boss?”. Tina bristles at these questions, and points out that these questions would never be directed at male captains of industry.

Fey is sarcastic, witty and completely unapologetic. The best part about Bossypants is how completely honest it is without being obnoxiously self-deprecating. Fey knows she’s successful and smart, but she doesn’t shy away from telling stories about getting her period (suck it up boys, you can read about this stuff without your balls falling off) and falling in love with gay boys.

If  you still haven’t bought your copy of Bossypants (amazon) you’re an idiot, but I am forgiving so I will try once more to convince you, using Tina’s words.

Fey on the biggest difference between male and female comedy writers: “…also the men sometimes pretend to rape each other, the women never do that”.

On how modern women are pigeonholed as bitches or bimbos: “”There was an assumption that I was personally attacking Sarah Palin by impersonating her on TV. No one ever said it was ‘mean’ when Chevy Chase played Gerald Ford falling down all the time. No one ever accused Dana Carvey or Darrell Hammond or Dan Aykroyd of ‘going too far’ in their political impressions. You see what I’m getting at here. I am not mean and Mrs. Palin is not fragile. To imply otherwise is a disservice to us both.”

I think my only problem with Tina Fey is that I can’t decide who to idolize more, her or her 30 Rock character Liz Lemon.



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